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      The educational environment and methods may vary as time goes by and technology changes.Adaptation to such change may lead us to the differentiation of individual and national competitiveness in education, which would be directly linked to the competitiveness of a nation in the future. Digital is the key issue of today in the middle of rapid changes in the educational environment. So called,Smart Learning, Smart Education, using ICT, e-learning and multimedia, is nothing but a collaborated education using digital contents and technology. The hard core of this smart education is the convergence of digital multimedia contents and technology. After all, what learners study today, while watching, listening and reading, is essentially comprehended by contents. We have built up the multimedia educational contents over a period of 20 years, which are the core of today's Digital Education.

     Digital Screen Play Co,.Ltd. is a specialized educational enterprise with digital Infrastructure ,digital contents and digital service. We can make your dream of education to be realizing digital education.

     We are the leaders in creating digital technology for education and human resource development at all levels with modern technology that is practically under business ethics.

Our business focus on 3 area for realizing Digital Learning 

    1. Digital Infrastructure 
    2. Digital Contents 
    3. Digital Service

Group of company

"We Are One Stop Service of  Digital Education"

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