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Our Business

DSP offers wide range of creative digital solutions, from network infrastructure solutions, to computer system solutions. We support all aspects of your computer systems and applications, servers, networks, security and data management. In contents area, we can offers the spaciallist contents development and the best learning management system for your digital learning project. We can build your dream and your concept of the future education or future learning to be Realizing.

Our digital solutions field includes the following fields:

Device and infrastructure Provider

    Our team of IT & network engineers, technicians and customer service experts understand the importance of a well-functioning digigital learning eco-system. Our focus: control all critical variables, and pre-empt IT problems from the get-go. With sensible digital strategies & business continuity plans, smart hardware & software procurement and the right mix of preventative maintenance, helpdesk & on-demand service.

Digital Learning
Learning Management System (LMS) Administration
Motion Infographic


Contents Service Provider

    To help customers develop digital technology to make digital learning, digital contents, e-learning and KM system more effective in a variety of purposes and suitable for current technology. The company therefore provides a full range of services with a team of content development experts, tools and modern technology to help create content and systems that meet standards for all levels of needs. With services that understand all dimensions of the work that is the heart of client project development in order to get the value that customers want.

Learning Management System (LMS) Development

Management and Service Provider

    Digital management and service is a set of capabilities and methods that digital learning or digital education organizations use to plan, create, deliver, and ensure the quality of services they provide to both internal and external learners. In digital, this involves everything from data network applications to connections. Service is therefore the core when the system and content have been developed. With our long experience and a team of young people. Providing a full range of services in many type is our primary goal.

Digital Examination and assessment
Learning Management System (LMS) Support
Digital Learning
Assets Production
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